About victor

We have been breeding Purebred Kelpies since 1955.Our Strain of Kelpie is the last stud breeding for heading rather than yard Kelpies.

Riana Tahni

It is so pleasing to have a bitch of her outstanding quality keep turning up in our strain of Kelpies after 53 years of breeding. It never ceases to amaze me that the genetic makeup stays so strong and true in our line of Kelpies, maintaining the high quality working ability, temperament and stamina.

Tahni has everything I have always aimed for in in the female side of our breeding programme in the Riana stud. She is a bitch with a lot of good points in every part of her makeup and working ability. Her cast, runout and pickup of stock at a great distance is of the highest quality. It is a natural ability inherited from quality genetics of highly selected ancestory behind every Riana Kelpie. After breeding only from the best working dogs and culling hard, we have dogs coming through consistently of the same working ability and type, generation after generation.

All the bitches we keep in the Riana stud have a similar way of handling stock. Tahni brings it all together and really makes it look good.